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Please read these Terms & Conditions ("Terms") before accessing or using the website identified as "Direct emailing" services operated by ("STUDIO"). It contains important information about your rights and obligations. If you experience any problems accessing the aforementioned Website or have any comments these should be addressed to our Customer Services team. The contact information is as follows:
Tel/Fax: +48 91 4623414

1. Introduction
STUDIO as a member of Baltic Information Maritime Agency (BIMA - has the right to use emails from all databases from those owned by BIMA:,,

In 2014, we have a created the sophisticated CRM system (System) for the sending of direct mailings to the customers of BIMA

2. Target
In the databases of BIMA we have the following amount of emails to particular branches:
- SHIP OWNERS – 4800 email addresses; 2200 companies,
- SHIPYARDS – 6200 email addresses; 2500 shipyards,
- SHIP EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS – 5900 email addresses; 2900 shipyards,
- SEAMEN – 4600 email addresses; 1100 crewing agencies.
The data have been collected since 1993 and are updated every day.

3. Security from spam.
Due to our long lasting and good relationships with our clients, they have great confidence in our services and they have allowed us to send them interesting newsletters/offers that may be beneficial to them in their work.
In order not to break the trust of our clients we reserve the right to refuse the acceptance of the orders of sending direct emailing without giving a reason for the refusal. In practice, this means that we will not send emails that do not relate to the activity of our clients, respectively: shipbuilding, crewing, production of marine equipment.

4. The prices.
670 EUR + 0.6 EUR/per email.
If you wish ant to sell a dock.
a) You will get the list of companies to whom you would like the emails would be sent.
b) We will prepare the design of the email. The design of the email will be agreed and approved by you.
c) After the email is approved by you can  chose companies to whom you would like the email to be sent we will send you exact calculation e.g.:
- you want to send the email to the 1200 emails:  670 EUR + 1200 x 0.6 EUR = 1390 EUR
- you want to send the email to the 1200 emails three times in three different dates:  670 EUR + 3 x 1200 x 0.6 EUR = 2800 EUR
d) When the price has been accepted the emails will be then send.

5. Warranties and liabilities
The data collected by BIMA has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable by BIMA, but our organization is sometimes unable to guarantee the accuracy of all details.
STUDIO shall take all reasonable action to ensure that the System shall comply with its published specification, and may be amended from time to time. However, STUDIO makes no warranty or representation, either express or implied, (including without limitation, as to the quality, performance, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose) with respect to the System or any part thereof.
Except as set out in these Terms, the STUDIO will not be liable for any loss, damage or expense sustained by any person and caused by any act, omission, error or negligence of any by the STUDIO or caused by any inaccuracy of any information, data or advice given in any way by or on behalf of the STUDIO even if held to amount to a breach of warranty. Nevertheless, if the Subscriber uses the System or relies on any information, data or advice given by or on behalf of the STUDIO and as a result suffers loss, damage or expense that is proved to have been caused by any negligent act, omission or error of the STUDIO or any negligent inaccuracy in information, data or advice given by or on behalf of the STUDIO, then STUDIO will pay compensation to such person for his proved loss up to but not exceeding an amount equal to the annual subscription fee charged by STUDIO for the system as applicable from time to time.
The STUDIO Group will not be liable or responsible in negligence or otherwise to any person or party to this Terms for (i) any information, data or advice expressly or impliedly given by the STUDIO or (ii) any act, omission or inaccuracy by the STUDIO. Nothing in this Terms will be construed to create rights in favour of any person not a party to this Terms.
The STUDIO will under no circumstance be liable for indirect or consequential loss, damage or expense (including, but without limitation, loss of profit, loss of contracts or loss of users) suffered or incurred by any person resulting from any failure by STUDIO.

6. Intellectual property rights
Copyright and all other intellectual property rights in the System and all parts thereof are vested in and shall remain vested in STUDIO. The contents of our Website are protected by international copyright law, database rights and other intellectual property rights. The owner of these rights is STUDIO, our affiliates or other third party licensors. We reserve all of our rights.

7. Miscellaneous
These Terms may be changed by us in our sole discretion by informing you on screen the next time you attempt to use the System, that changes to this Terms have been made and providing a link to a text of the new Terms. The changes that may be included, without limitation, amendments of, additions to or deletions of any of the clauses herein and the addition of new clauses containing new terms and conditions (including, without limitation, terms and conditions relating to charges payable by you for the use of the System).
You shall provide STUDIO with accurate, complete and updated business and personal information for the purposes of this Terms. Failure to do so shall constitute a breach of these Terms.

8. Governing law and jurisdiction
These Terms and your use of the Website are governed by and construed in accordance with Polish law. The parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Polish courts.

9. information
Public company owned by MSc. Eng. Malgorzata Huber
Address: Szymonowica 20, str., 71-482 Szczecin, Poland
Vat no PL8581210819, Regon: 810370709
-WORLDWIDE (excluding CIS): +44 20 81446844
- Europe: +48 603 119 068
-RUSSIA & CIS: +7 812 336-3132
Fax: +48 91 4623414
Email: STUDIO employs 12 staff and co-operates with approximately 15 subcontractors.
The most significant characteristic of globalization is specialization and concentration, not only leading to excellence in core competencies, but also to strong inter-dependencies. In this business environmental economic success is determined more than ever by the ability to raise relevant information. This is especially true for the maritime industry, due to the enormous number of agents in the market and the vast pace of technological development.

STUDIO has become a specialist in providing this type of information for the maritime industry. Our maritime internet platforms are widely appreciated throughout the world due to our eagerness to apply the highest quality standards. Being the market leader in providing this kind of information, we are constantly searching for possibilities to enhance the quality and availability of our services.
In 2009 STUDIO joined Baltic Information Marketing Agency (BIMA Europe) estimated in 2007 by LINK SJ publishing and PRINT-EXPO Co. Ltd.
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The EQUIP4SHIP was created by and introduced to the world in July 2010. The service is co-financed by the European Union - via the Innovative Economy Operational Programme, Priority 8.1
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